Episode 18 – Franquismo to Democracy, Consequences and Conclusions

The concluding episode of the podcast. I talk about the aftermath of the war, international treatment of Spain after WWII, the Franco years and what came afterward. It was an honor and a joy to produce this podcast for you all. Thank you for listening!

Episode 10 – Lusitania, Porto Cale, Portugal

Back after a very long absence, we return with a podcast about Spain’s closest neighbor, how it’s history, much like it’s architecture and language, is like a colorful, fun house mirror version of its neighbor and how they ended up having a leader in the 1930s whose goals for his country would line up better with the Nationalists in the Civil War as opposed to the Republicans. Enjoy and see you next week when we’ll get back to the front.

Episode 8 – A Fine Mess

The Nationalists advance, the Republicans fracture and are beaten back while democracies around the world fail to come to the aid of their Republican counterparts in Spain for fear of angering Italy and Germany. Large losses by the Republicans lead to major changes, not all for the better.

Episode 6 – The World Reacts

The great powers who had been at war less than a generation ago will react to the news of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in many different ways according to their respective political situations and experiences during The Great Depression. Democracies will be found wanting while the new fascist powers will be eager to help a new member gain membership in their small group. Franco gains a decisive advantage both against his republican enemies and his co-conspirators.

Episode 2 – A Century of Turmoil

We start with King Charles III’s reign of enlightened absolutism in the last decades of the 1800s through Spain losing all of their American colonies and finding themselves torn apart by internal wars and poor leadership all around in the latter part of that century. All of this leads to Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship in the first decades of the 1900s which will end with the beginning of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931.