Episode 2 – A Century of Turmoil

We start with King Charles III’s reign of enlightened absolutism in the last decades of the 1800s through Spain losing all of their American colonies and finding themselves torn apart by internal wars and poor leadership all around in the latter part of that century. All of this leads to Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship in the first decades of the 1900s which will end with the beginning of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931.


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    1. Hi! The Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas is I think the most comprehensive. The Battle for Spain from Anthony Beevor was less comprehensive but provides details or different opinions of the historical actors that weren’t in Thomas’ book. Paul Preston’s biography of Franco was a huge resource. Hemingway and Orwell wrote a great deal about the war in articles and later novels and autobiographical works. The list could be quite extensive.


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